Between Both Cheeks

The Spa Strong Podcast - Episode 85

May 13, 2022 Bryght Skincare Season 3 Episode 12
Between Both Cheeks
The Spa Strong Podcast - Episode 85
Between Both Cheeks +
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Show Notes

Hello listeners! This week we are sharing a recording from The Spa Strong Podcast, which the BBC hosts were guests on for episode 85! Go and give them a follow if you like today's episode:

"In this episode we talk to the Bryght Skincare Team and discuss why it's so important to embrace your brand and be true to what you believe in. We also dive deep into cancer compassionate products and the story of Bryght Skincare CEO/Founder Luba Sasowski. Make sure to listen to this episode all the way through, take notes and share this episode with your other beauty industry friends!

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